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Timeline: Adam and Joe

A short history of the duo:

1968 – Joe Cornish born on 20th December.

1969 – Adam Buxton born on 7th June.

1983 – After meeting at Westminster School, the two begin to make videos to amuse friends.

1995 – Adam hosts Channel 4’s Takeover TV and is later joined by Joe.

1997 – 2001 – The Adam and Joe Show is aired on Channel 4 and  win a Royal Television Award for best newcomers.

2000 & 2002 – The pair presented BBC Choice’s coverage of Glastonbury.

2002- 2003 – Joe writes and presents Radio 4’s Back Row programme.

2003 – Adam and Joe Go Tokyo is aired on BBC 3, exploring Japanese culture.

2003- 2006 – Adam and Joe takeover from Ricky Gervias and Stephen Merchant on Saturday afternoons on Xfm and have one of the most popular podcasts of all time.

2006 -2007 – Adam makes appearances  in The IT Crowd and films Hot Fuzz and Stardust.

2007- 2009 – Adam and Joe join 6 Music and win a Broadcasting Press Guild award for their 6 Music show.

2010 – Present the 6 Music coverage of Glastonbury.

2010- Joe’s directional debut film Attack the Block is to be released on 31st December.


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