It’s snow joke

After feeling left out of all the fun that the rest of the country was having with the snow for the last few days, a miracle occurred last night- it finally properly snowed in Bournemouth.

I had been under the impression since moving here last year that it was impossible for snow to ever settle here, especially after the snowfall that brought the UK to a complete halt last year that somehow Bournemouth seemed to avoid.

Although I had seen the snow falling a little bit through the day yesterday, I did not realise it settled until someone mentioned it but soon as I found out, it was like I was 6 years old again and I just had to go outside and enjoy it. It turns out I was not the only one as I walked around the town and being wished “Merry Christmas” from loads of strangers, all in the midst of sliding down hills, throwing snowballs or even sledging down the cliff path.

Here are the photos I took on my snowy jaunt around town, click to see an enlarged version of each photograph.


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