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Being Human

Over on the BBC Press Release site, they have been posting some small interviews with the cast of Being Human, BBC3’s hit drama which is soon to be returning for a third series and has got me looking forward to the return of undoubtedly one of BBC3’s best programmes.

The series follows a vampire, Mitchell played by Aidan Turner and werewolf George, played by Russell Tovey, who recently starred in another BBC3 programme, Him & Her, trying to have a normal human life despite their conditions. They end up moving into a house haunted by Annie played by Lenora Crichlow and the series has followed the three of them doing their best to stay as human as possible despite the influence of other vampires, love interests and an evil priest in the second series that lead to Annie getting stuck in purgatory.

The series is written by Toby Whitehouse and though it is often very dramatic, he manages to include some lighter moments, especially from the interaction between the three leads. This blending of genre has definitely lead to Being Human becoming so popular as it manages to entertain audiences in a number of ways.

The third series which is to begin soon on BBC3, though no date has been announced yet, will see how Mitchell and George cope with their new home in Barry after moving away from Bristol and how they will get Annie back from purgatory. With plenty of guest stars appearing including Robson Green and Lacey Turner‘s first role since playing Stacey Slater in EastEnders, it looks like this series is really pushing to be the best yet.

I can’t wait but in the meantime, check the interviews out here and below is a video showing behind the scenes of the upcoming series.


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