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Guitars are for guys, pop is for princesses?

Terrible title for this post but it does sum up my unhappiness at how music does seem to be delivered in a gendered way and this has been highlighted brilliantly by Father’s Day.

In the run up to today, there’s been many adverts for compilation CDs to give to your Dad that he’ll love, the one that strikes to my mind first is The Old Grey Whistle Test Live discs featuring acts such as Elton John, Lynard Skynard and Thin Lizzy. Now I know many men do love this kind of music but obviously it is fair to say that there are plenty that don’t. There’s also many women who would love this CD but not a chance this would be marketed towards Mums for Mother’s Day. It is more likely that children stuck on what to get their Mother will be pointed towards a Gary Barlow calendar or something in a suitable pink shade.

Today on 4Music they were counting down the “Biggest selling indie anthems of the noughties!” and for those who did not have a television guide to hand to see this being described as part of the Father’s Day celebrations, it was hard to miss the bright neon pink “Father’s Day hit fest!” scrawled across the top.

Personally, I much prefer this kind of music that is being allocated to men. If I go to see a live gig, it will be more likely to be Muse than Take That. As I write this now, I’m listening to Xfm to catch up on what I have missed this week by not being able to listen due to being busy.

This is obviously a tiny part of the way things are marketed to women and men and there are more pressing issues, particular the way men and women are presented in advertising and more often than not in stereotyped gender roles, however this is just something that really irks me and I hope one day I will be able to buy a card for Mum that’s not quite so pink and the conservative notion of femininity. Perhaps it can be like those musical birthday cards so when she opens it, it will play Kings of Leon or Arctic Monkeys.


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