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What’s better than one Muse gig? Two Muse gigs!

I love Muse. They are my favourite band and I adore their songs and I’m always singing along if a song comes on the radio or on my iPod. It is slightly ironic that for the poor singer I am, I’m allowed to sing along but no one else can in case they ruin it for me.

I annoyingly missed out on getting tickets for The 2nd Law tour but my fellow Muse lover friend managed to get tickets for The Unsustainable stadium tour.

The gig we went to was the first of the two at the Emirates stadium. As a venue, it’s quite sweet as it felt we were really close despite being in the back of the seating areas to the side of the stage. It was also easy to get in and out of which is a plus compared to the o2 and Wembley concerts I’ve been to.

The support acts were Bastille, who I’m not too keen on and cannot really remember much of their set except all their songs seem to have the lead singer going “ooh” in them, and Dizzee Rascal. There was a fair bit of uncertainty from fans as to why he was supporting but I thought he was fantastic. He got the crowd going and so by the time Muse got on, everyone was really lively and excited.

Muse were absolutely incredible and I think it has to be the best I’ve ever seen them perform. It felt like the band were really enjoying themselves and it was coming across to the crowd. Personal highlights for me were Madness and Matt’s glasses and Undisclosed Desires where Matt went into the crowd. The giant floating lightbulb during Blackout was also great.

The giant floating lightbulb.


Most of the reviews about the gig talk about the political points made with the banker coming on stage during Animals and dying of a heart attack after being showered in money flying from cannons and the death of a woman drinking petrol during the end of Feeling Good. You do come to expect some political influence with Muse and their performances often do include some statement but I found the intimacy of Undisclosed Desires with the crowd, a much more important point because to pay about £50 for a ticket, it’s nice that the fans are recognised still.

Now to the second gig which was the free 30 minute one held in London to tie in with the World War Z world premier. I was so happy to have managed to get tickets for it as I was still pretty hyped up from the first gig and to see them twice in roughly a week was pretty great.

Entry was allowed from 7pm and we didn’t arrive until about 7:30 but we were able to get close to the barriers in the main crowd area. For quite a while, there was a lot of space and the closed off area directly in front of the stage, which we assumed were for VIP or prize winners was pretty empty as well. Not great considering this was going to be filmed and the crowd shots were going to look a bit sparse.

I started to see some people queueing up to get something off the stewards so sent my friend to go find out what while I kept our place. Turns out the stewards started giving out wristbands for the front area so we got two and suddenly we found ourselves in the second row from the stage. It was still a while until Muse came on so to keep everyone entertained they had Edith Bowman djing and the World War Z trailers repeating which now means I can quote both trailers off by heart.

Brad Pitt arrived somewhere right at the back of Horseguards Parade and not long after Muse came on. It was incredible to see them so close and Matt came right up to our side of the stage at the beginning which was brilliant. It was great to be able to see their actual faces whilst they were performing rather than on the big screens and I doubt I’ll ever manage to get that close again. They played their big hits which was understandable considering it was a short gig, although no Origin of Symmetry tracks which was a shame but forgiven as they did play for longer than 30 minutes.

So close!


It was brilliant to be in such an intimate gig but it was obvious who was a Muse fan and who came along because it was a free event or because they knew someone connected to the film or the technical setting up. A lot of the people we were near had access all areas passes on them and they spent the whole time just standing there looking a bit bemused.

So a pretty good week for me really.


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