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Be You- The first radio project!

At the start of the year during our induction, the whole production framework (directors, cinematographers, sound effects, scriptwriters, television producers, etc) were given a project to come up with a soap opera based at the university. There was to be eleven episodes of a television strand and eleven episodes of a radio strand.

We were all put into groups and assigned an episode for which the scripwriters had to devise the plot and write all the scripts for in about three days. The turnaround from just a really vague brief to a proper script was very impressive and they must have felt so pressured as the rest of us couldn’t do anything until we had the scripts!

Once we had the script, the groups split into those dealing with the television and those producing the radio. So on a Monday night, we took over studio 1 and were there for over 5 hours recording the whole series. It was a long, long night but it allowed us the chance to get everything done so we could then spend the next two days editing and finishing off our individual episodes.

I was producing episode 9 however I was the first to record as the script called for us needing a child. Thankfully, one of the guys who used to do scriptwriting at the uni let us borrow his son and he did an absolutely brilliant job. We were all impressed with how good he was at repeating the lines and it was a bit of a relief for me knowing I’d be able to edit it together with the recording of the other character for the episode without as much trouble.

The editing for me is the easier part as I had some experience with using Audition before from my placement at Connect FM a couple of years ago. It took a little bit of time to get back into the swing of using the program again but I was able to get together the two separate recordings and make it feel like it was a conversation recorded in one go.

The radio production team did do quite a lot for the television episodes with a couple of them acting in episodes and also with our very own musical genius Andy Goddard creating the theme tune for the series.

All of the radio episodes are up on the BIRSt website (which won Silver for Best Show and Silver for the Kevin Greening Award last night at the Student Radio Awards!) so definitely worth having a listen. Will be interesting to go back to this at the end of the year to see how much we’ve all improved!

For the television episodes, they’re up here


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