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Ed Byrne- At the Pavilion 7th November

Its been two years since Ed was last in Bournemouth with his previous tour; Crowd Pleaser and as a huge fan of his comedy, would be fair to say I was pretty excited to see him again.

First of all, the Pavilion is a great venue for any comedy act as it’s not a massive place so even if you are at the back, you still feel fairly close to the stage. It’s not so good when you can’t fill up said venue as is what happened last night which Ed had a typical rant about mainly directed at his promoter for choosing such a terrible night to perform. Despite this, he honoured those who did attend (and book his tickets in advance proving his appearance earlier in the day on BBC Solent to be useless) with a fantastic night.

In a slightly odd structure, Ed came on first to warm up for his support act Ben Norris. I have to be honest, I usually despair at support acts as I have seen a lot of absolutely dire performances but Ben was brilliant. His style is quite different to Ed’s in that it doesn’t go off on to so many angry tangents but it worked really well and his comments on calling Ugg boots “slag wellies” had the audience in tears.

He was really good at interacting with the audience and in a brief chat after the show, he said he should be having his own tour next year so I definitely recommend trying to catch him because he really is very talented. You can follow him on twitter over here.

Ed’s routine focused mainly on his attitude to life since turning 40 and how he has returned to being a “bit of a dick” and rallying against speeding awareness courses, his hernia and bringing up his two small children. Its not just observational comedy, it’s the little quirks he adds that really made Ed one of the best stand ups around. He’s still touring, judging by last night there will probably still be tickets available so go!

He’s also one of the most friendliest comics too as he always is happy to say hello to fans after the show and have a photo taken. That alone deserves some ticket sales!

Ed Byrne and Ben Norris


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