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BIRSt Begins!

Monday was a big day for us on the radio production course at Bournemouth University, as it was our first day taking over the reigns properly for BIRSt.

BIRSt is the internet station just for our course and last year’s group did fantastically well winning a silver award at the Student Radio Awards, so it’s big shoes to step into. It was nerve-wracking trying to prepare everything as we had decided that we were going to do the biggest takeover to date with five hours of live programming so running orders, playlists and all sorts was needed.

I felt the first day went really well, with a fantastic introduction by the station manager and then other shows included foreign language music, UK vs US music and then half an hour sports which I was co-presenting. The only other presenting I’ve done is for the shows I used to do on the other student radio station at Bournemouth University, Nerve and although I had this experience, I was still really nervous. I think it went well, we didn’t have any major hiccups and we managed to stick to time which is all good.

We have had live programming going out in the evenings the rest of this week too so last night I was on again with two others doing a half hour programming of discussing topics including the Oscars that are on Sunday and films in general. Other shows from last night included a fantastic film show analysing the use of the soundtrack to the film Only God Forgives with one of the MA Directors. There is going to be more of these shows throughout the year so definitely keep an ear out for those along with the poetry programme Fireside.

A pretty good first week I feel and it’s going to get more exciting as we do our official launch next month!


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