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Russell Howard- Wonderbox

Last Sunday I was extremely excited to be going to see Russell Howard live. This would be the fourth time I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform and having last seen him in the O2, it was great to be going to the BIC for what was in comparison, a more intimate gig.


Now I was worried that maybe my expectations would be too high. I love Russell, I think he is one of the best stand ups around but his television work has left me a little cold. I did use to enjoy Good News but found it got too repetitive and formulaic and so I was concerned that maybe I wouldn’t find him as good live as I once did. This as it turned out, was very foolish. He was absolutely fantastic, and had the entire room laughing within seconds of him coming on stage.

It probably helped that Russell had made the effort to adapt his show to the crowd, remarking about advice given to him on Twitter on what to do whilst he was in Bournemouth, the advice to avoid Boscombe being very true but it was the jokes about dogging in Throop which really got the audience, especially as it was bemusing to the latecomers to the show as to why they were all now being labelled as coming from Throop.

The rest of the show was the usual jokes of finding humour in the least likeliest of places and overall the night just left you feeling very, very happy. Definitely a comedian I’ll always recommend to see. The live DVDs will never quite capture the general good feeling he creates in a room and the genuine connection with the audience.


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