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Off to the SRA’s!

It’s been a bit of a manic year, juggling masters degree, full time work, moving flat and running half marathons amongst other things.

Last week however, got some incredible and exciting news which was BIRSt (our lovely little MA Radio Production station at Bournemouth University) has been nominated for best station at the Student Radio Awards, held next month! A bit of a surprise but it was fantastic to find out and made all the hard work the three of us who put the application together, with quite a few sleepless nights, all worthwhile.

So fingers crossed for further good news in November, but just to be nominated is absolutely incredible!

Rather proud that some of my work I created, produced and recorded were included; the clips from the sports day challenge, the interview with Theresa about the 2013 floods, the interview with Jess about growing up with the troubles in Belfast and the summerball coverage. The idea that radio experts and some of my idols have listened to this stuff…wow!

If you fancy a listen to our audio entry, then you can below, so well done everyone at BIRSt 2014! A momentous achievement for all!


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