Looking forward

In the expected manner of things for this time of year, it’s a time for looking back at things and also looking forward, so why should I change that?

The year itself has been a bit hectic what with moving around and getting new jobs and general sorting myself out, and now I feel I am beginning to get to a place where I feel a bit settled and able to start beginning new adventures and such.

I am very happy in my flat, I am now considering it home which is great. I am feeling a lot better in myself, I may post about the developments there later on as I do feel it is helpful sharing my experiences with Cyclothymia as I know not that many are aware of it and also there isn’t that much out there either.

It is fair to say I’m not the best at blogging and it would help if I did actually post stuff up on here a bit more regularly as a start, so I will vow to make that a resolution for next year, beginning with the work I did on my MA as I am proud of it even if it is a bit rough around the edges.

Other things I want to try and focus on more next year, is actually moving forward with my radio ambitions. I wanted to get myself settled and give myself a base to ground myself before launching into something that is quite draining and hard-work (as is any creative or technical ambition) and now I feel ready to give myself to it. I’m not entirely sure what or how I will start working on this but I think actually going out and doing little bits of recording and editing to get myself back into it would be a start.

I have got some ideas for things I would like to follow up on so fingers crossed I get some motivation, ambition and confidence to actually do so. I like to call those three things the triad of anxiety problems.

Anyway, let’s hope for a good year next year full of exciting opportunities that are taken up and a bit of fun and laughter too.

Happy new year!



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