To David

When I heard the news this morning, I couldn’t believe it. Dying just seemed so ordinary for the man that gave us Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke. A man that transcended genres and decades and gave so much.

I cried when I heard. I cried when I was driving to work and they were playing just one incredible song after another. I had to hold it back at work but soon as I was alone in the car and I could hear your music again, I was off.

It may sound ridiculous considering I never met you but your music meant everything. It gave me strength, happiness, love and hopefulness and also able to share sorrow and comfort. Without your music I wouldn’t have something to share with one of my oldest and best friends. In fact, without your music I wouldn’t have something to share with my Dad.

Hearing the songs on the radio felt very weird today. Rather than be happy that someone is playing something, it feel really sad as I knew the reason behind why.

The upside to the songs today were the memories being shared by those who knew you, who saw you or listened to you. Although many of us felt devastated, there was comfort in knowing that what happened today mattered more than anything else and that everyone seemed to stop for a bit and just try to take it in.

Although sad, it’s been lovely to hear the favourite songs of other people and their reasoning behind it. Although you have gone, your music and legacy will live forever and I am truly grateful for the music you gave.

Thank you.



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