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World Radio Day

It’s a rather important day this weekend, it’s World Radio Day on the 13th February!

It’s currently trending on Twitter and there’s loads of tweets linking to people’s love for radio but also how it is so influential on the world still, despite the rise of new platforms and media.

One of the main themes that keeps appearing is just how important radio is in emergency situations and the lifeline it provides in giving help and advice to those who desperately need it.

A great explanation I came across was from Jérôme Longué, a veteran in charge of the UN Radio’s French Unit, which you can listen to here.

For me, radio has always been an important constant. It is a companion for long drives, providing up to the second reports of news and unfolding events. It is a platform for spreading joy through comedy or music, to comforting words in times of sorrow.

Radio is the invisible friend for all and that’s just part of it’s ongoing appeal.



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