The jolly day outing to Margate

I’m currently treating myself to a week off work (much needed!) and when not sat in front of the telly catching up with a load of boxsets, I am trying to get out and about too.

So what better than when a friend asked if anyone fancied going to Margate as she needed to do some recording for her uni project?

Despite being born and raised in Kent, I’ve never been to Margate, usually beach trips were to Hastings as it was a lot closer or on a direct train.

I realised arriving in Margate after two hours on multiple trains, I had travelled from one corner of Kent to the other and also that Kent is actually pretty big! I don’t tend to stray from the West part so I saw it as a bit of impromptu adventure.


Margate tends to have a bit of a poor reputation despite it going under lots of regeneration and after arriving it wasn’t that bad! It has a charm to it and plus, one of the only (I think) sandy beaches in Kent. We also got very lucky with the weather, considering I had travelled through strong winds, extreme drizzle and quite violent hailstorms pelting me as I sat waiting at the station. Margate definitely looks good in the sun.

One of the stories on the mural by the seafront

The trip was lovely and most importantly, my friend managed to get the sounds recorded she needed for her radio drama. I also managed to record some bits for a little piece I want to put together that I’m going to work on and hopefully will be up here soon. The one odd issue we faced, the seagulls in Margate are eerily quiet! I have never known seagulls to be quiet, I have had years dealing with always hearing them 24 hours whilst living in Bournemouth. We ended up managing to record some whilst waiting for our connecting trains at Ramsgate station!

The rest of the day was spent wandering around and enjoying the sights and talking a lot about comedy and the comedians we love to see and have met. Pretty much the perfect day!




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