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Women in Media Conference 2017: Women in Media- What’s Next?


Clare Hudson is a digital editor who currently manages a team producing curation, promotion and picture editing for BBC services including the BBC Homepage.

Nicole Le Marie has worked in various regional national newspapers, news websites and broadcasters. She now works at Metro newspaper as a Senior News Reporter.

What was discussed?

The biggest topic of discussion in this panel was the obstacles women face in the

Nicole Le Marie (left) and Clare Hudson (middle)

workplace. With an increase in freelancing roles, there is additional pressure for women as it doesn’t provide the security of maternity leave. Freelance can also be an issue with trying to arrange childcare at short notice or if the need to travel away from home is required.

Although there is often discussion about maternity and childcare, an area that can be equally as disruptive yet spoken about less is the menopause and the affect this too can have on a person’s career. There is definitely a need to establish a supportive culture regarding this.

Both agreed that social media plays an increasingly large role in building up a presence in the industry. There is the need to contribute to other peer sites and organisations and further establish your reputation through networking and collaborating with others. It is also key to always consider the audience you are trying to appeal to and what they are interested in. Social media can be extremely useful in targeting a specific audience and for research.

Stand out advice:

“What you write will affect lives”

Nicole Le Marie

When writing you try to affect the reader either to persuade or inform but must also consider those affected by what you write about them.

What I took from the session:

An interesting point was raised during the panel regarding the development of the way media is being consumed. As virtual and augmented reality become more intwined with culture, established media will need to find ways in which it can integrate.

Back at Bournemouth, I studied about radio and convergence which mostly focused on the effect the Internet had in changing the traditional broadcasting models through streaming and podcasting in order to adapt and survive. Perhaps the next stage of convergence is to find a means of integrating virtual or augmented reality.



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