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I’m feeling better now for a much, much needed nap and can look back over an incredible achievement with the London Marathon, although perhaps not in the way you may think.

Since the last post where I was up in Manchester for the Women in Media Conference, loads has happened since then and for once is genuinely why I’ve not been able to update the blog rather than being a bit inept.

I’ve been going to BBC Radio London still and the very exciting news is that I am now a paid freelancer! I cannot believe that I am actually managing to do a paid radio job! I’m still driving the desk for the football commentaries which is still a huge learning curve and admittedly it can be incredibly overwhelming when there’s 11 matches to juggle between but I hope that I will keep improving and become an expert.

Labelling is a lifesaver.

So to this weekend and what a huge sporting weekend it was. As well as the usual football games from Premier League down to League 2, there was also the semi-finals of the FA Cup and the London Marathon taking place.

The Marathon is the biggest sporting event of the year for BBC Radio London and this year the coverage we were broadcasting, would also be going out on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, so a bigger audience and more pressure. It is a huge undertaking with presenters and producers and engineers all along the 26 mile course and making sure everyone was able to dial in to the studio. I couldn’t get my head around it all as it was all so quick the hour prior to the start of our coverage but I just needed to make sure I had the right people on the right faders and be able to go to them when necessary.

Admittedly that is a very simplified explanation of what my job of driving the desk is but essentially, that is it. In the coverage, we had a mix of pre-recorded interviews of notable participants, bespoke idents and opening packages that needed to be played out and cue the presenters when their microphones were going live. Although there was a running order, a lot of it was judged when things were happening, such as the end of each of the elite race

This is where ISDNs, phone-lines etc can be assigned.

Elsewhere in the studios, Lucy, Lucy and Ian were editing audio being sent from the presenters and producers around the course quickly to get it into the playout system for us to use.

There had been so much preparation for this morning’s coverage and I can’t believe it’s finally happened. It’s been one of the most stressful events I have had to do but as we were approaching the end, the joy I could feel was incredible knowing what a good job had been done.

I still love radio despite it being tested the past few weeks but I guess there will always be times that push you to breaking point with the pressure and expectations. Especially on a personal stance with the anxiety I get but then the one thing that I learned from my cognitive behavioural therapy was to try and embrace the uncertainty and not avoid difficult situations.

A very intense weekend but at least I’m not feeling as sore as some of the runners from today!


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