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Adam Buxton- BUG Bowie Special


Anyone who has read any of the posts on here will know I am a huge Adam Buxton fan. Add to that I’m a huge David Bowie fan and this is obviously the most important comedy show I needed to see.

This was the last of the Bristol Comedy Garden shows. A lot of the shows will be going up to the Greenwich Comedy festival (which you can read about my time up there last year here) and it is definitely worth trying to catch any of the shows there if you can as it’s a lovely setting and a lot of fun.


Anyway, back to Bristol. It was a really gorgeous summer day (finally!) which meant the tent was the hottest place on Earth. People were peeling off whatever layers they could, the staff were having to go round during the entire show providing water to try and prevent people from fainting in the heat. However, heat, rain, storms, snow or whatever would not have stopped all these Bowie fans coming along. If there’s one thing, we are a stubborn bunch when it comes to appreciating the man.

Adam Buxton is also a massive Bowie fan, and has created this special show in tribute to him. It is a look at the music videos and some of the television appearances that Bowie has appeared in. Some is an appreciation of it, others are looking at the funnier side of some of the videos. It is an affectionate albeit amusing look at a very unique, experimental and ground breaking career of undoubtedly one of the most musical geniuses to have ever lived.


As is usual for BUG, Buxton takes a look at some of the Youtube comments left underneath the videos which always provide humour. A particular highlight was the comment left by one user who mistyped “songs” as “dongs” only to further comment that he really needs to “poofread before posting”. Immature, but hilarious.

We were also treated to some specially created videos of how Bowie found the inspiration to become Aladdin Sane and the recording of Low in Berlin with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti.

For those who listened to the Adam and Joe 6Music podcasts, then they’ll know of Chris Salt (The Saltman/A Salt with a Deadly Weapon/Ready Salted Chrisps) who created the above video.

The show climaxed with a wonderfully edited video of Bowie performing Heroes- a mix of the official video, a performance on the Italian show “Odeon” and the “Bing Crosby Christmas Show”. It was incredible watching that and I think I was not the only one who got really emotional at that point, there were a lot of people who were engrossed and swept up in the moment.

There has been a lot of tributes made to Bowie, and rightly so but I do think he would have approved of this one. The warmth, affection and love shown was perfect in tone and I think Bowie would have found the jokes and digs at some of the videos funny too. After all he had a great sense of humour, and I leave this post with a clip that sums up us looking back and how we should have done it.



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